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New Era Rehabilitation Center prides itself on the success of its clients.

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According to our Provider Report Card, within six months New Era Rehabilitation was able to:

  •     Retain 93.5% of its patients
  •     Increase the total percentage of patients abstaining from substance abuse from 6.9% to 49%
  •     Increase total percentage of patients employed from 28.4% to 48%

In addition, 95% of our patients were satisfied with their health outcomes and 90% of our patients were satisfied with our quality of service.

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Patients satisfied with Service Quality
We always try our best to
  • Provide a quick response to your illness.
  • Try to minimize long waits for your appointment.
  • Maintain a comfortable, relaxed environment to make you feel at ease.
  • Provide prompt referrals to other specialties when needed.